Fasting Information

Click below to download a tremendous resource on fasting.

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Recommended Reading List

Click on the link below to download our Recommended Reading list.  You’ll find a great list of powerful books that are essential additions to any Godly Christian’s bookshelf! 

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Icon   Recommended Reading

    Bible Reading Plans

    It’s a must to have a good, solid Bible reading plan.  It’s an essential cornerstone to your Christian walk, and to your spiritual growth and development!  Download one of the plans below and get started today.  We also offer a 1-year Bible reading program in our free app for mobile devices (both iOS/Android) that is simple and easy to use!  Just download our free app from the App Store on your device to get started.

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      How To Pray Powerfully

      Can you imagine eagerly looking forward to your next time of prayer?  Can you imagine being unhappy once again that you didn’t have enough time to finish praying?  Can you imagine leaving your times of prayer energized and excited about the day that awaits you?  The disciples watched and heard Jesus pray, and they saw the results that followed.  Naturally, it caused them to ask this question:  “Lord, will you teach us to pray like you do?”  We’ll learn the method He gives them.

      Icon   How To Pray Powerfully

      Icon   How To Pray Powerfully

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