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The children’s ministry at GCF is the premiere ministry of the church. Leaders from nations around the world have come to study this model, so they can implement it in their network of churches back in their countries.

The Westminster Catechism states, “The chief aim of man is to glorify God, and enjoy him forever.”  We couldn’t agree more, and these two truths are foundational to our children’s ministry. We seek to develop the spiritual senses of our children (ages 6-11) so that they can enjoy the depth and quality of relationship with God that Jesus went to the cross to obtain for us. Out of this intimate relationship with the Lord, we seek to develop both godly character and spiritual giftings, which bring glory to God. We serve a generational God – “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” – and so we are a generational church. We believe that “…out of the mouths of infants and babes you have ordained praise…” Our children are our future, and that is why we place a priority on their generation.

During the spring and fall semester, our Children’s Ministry meets regularly on Wednesday nights at Grace Community Fellowship from 6:00-9:00 PM (see interactive map below for directions). 

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Krissa & Darren Helms

Krissa & Darren Helms

Darren and Krissa are devoted to share both the love and character of God in every opportunity they can with our children. They both know firsthand what it means to experience love, patience, and forgiveness from God, and their love for God’s grace enables them to pour all they have into these young lives each week.

This enables them to strive to focus on the need for the children to learn more and more about God’s loving grace. Darren and Krissa are parents themselves, and they know how important it is to have a deep relationship with God. They love each child like their own. Their prayer is that the children of God today will stand out brightly, with God’s light shining through them, and that they may walk in all His ways to impact His Kingdom today, tomorrow, and forever.
Lindsey Hlavinka

Lindsey Hlavinka

Lindsey is passionate about God and about building His kingdom! She has a huge heart to help our children to know God’s love, to hear His voice, and to have their own personal relationship with our Creator. As a teacher, both in public schools and at home, Lindsey understands the importance of making the truths of God both practical and personal, and wants each of our kids to walk confidently in all God has for them!
Daniel Sweeney

Daniel Sweeney

Daniel Sweeney is a huge bonus to the Children’s Ministry Team. Having grown up in the ministry himself, he brings an passionate encouragement to the kids around him. Daniel leads by example to worship with your whole heart, to move in spiritual giftings, and to obey the voice of God.

Daniel was born with two holes in his heart and was not expected by doctors to live past 30 days. But God had another plan for this young man. His life preaches that by faith all things are possible with God.


Check out some videos and media from past children’s events.

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